ROADMARKERs have been developed for installation on the road along the centre line or edges, providing perfect visibility day and night, even in rain (VNTP product).


Roundabouts Roundabouts
Islands Islands
Motorways Motorways
Dangerous bends Dangerous bends



They are available in two versions (STD and HRS) and two models (360° and 180°).

These studs have held CE certification (EN 1463 - 1 & 2 standard) since 2006.


  • These studs are available in 2 versions:
    • STD (19.7mm high), in 360°
    • HRS (13mm high), in 180° and 360° models.
  • Wide range of colours available.
  • A hole is drilled in the road using a diamond core drill.
  • Roads are visible at night and in rain, regardless of vehicle direction.
  • Hot or cold embedding in a core drilled hole 112mm in diameter (min.)


  • Quick and simple to install.
  • No need for power.
  • Tempered glass product: optimal product life, stable optical effectiveness over time, and excellent resistance to
    compression and impact.
  • High scratch resistance.
  • Self-cleaning studs.
  • Different colours available.


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