TRIFLASH is a new Personal Protective Equipment product for people working on roads both at night and during the day. This tool is particularly suited to being used with markings for areas occupied by people (road work sites and police/fire fighter operations).


Road worker safety Road worker safety
Marking out accidents Marking out accidents
Police operations Police operations



This autonomous, light, small marker is laid directly on the ground leading up to the zone being identified and produces a series of powerful flashes. The high light intensity emitted by this marker is designed for effective daytime identification and driver warnings, advising them that they cannot cross into the zone.

  • TRIFLASH has been designed for ease of use
  • TRIFLASH is activated by a switch on one of its sides. The other side has the plug for charging.
  • It has its own accumulator unit, making it completely autonomous and easy to install
  • Can be accidentally driven over
  • Ideal for protecting employees working alone on the roadway


  • Easy to transport and set up
  • Around 100 hours of autonomy from full charge
  • Easy to handle
  • Effective daytime lighting (over 650 lux at 1m)
  • Can be placed on top of two cones using the holes in the TRIFLASH designed for this purpose (gives more height to the light marker and better long distance visibility)


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