About us

Holophane Signalisation was founded 17 years ago by Daniel Bemer, Business Director, and Michel Blin, CEO of Holophane SAS.
Holophane Signalisation was initially a diversification branch of Holophane SAS’s industrial glass manufacture business before becoming the glass manufacture outsourcer and then, in January 2006, an independent company under the name of Cryzal SAS.
Our stated goal is to establish our business’ international growth (50-60% of turnover from export).
Since being founded, Cryzal has become an innovative company in the road safety sector. We support road network managers to improve safety at specific danger points.
Cryzal SAS became independent from the Holophane Group in April 2013. We have since continued to pursue our growth in the global road safety sector.

In May 1998, Holophane Signalisation launched the first 100% French designed and manufactured glass stud on the road safety market: KERBMARKER.
This innovative product designed and developed by Daniel Bemer quickly became popular with road network managers.
Working towards safer roads

Our tempered glass stud range rapidly expanded with the development of a tempered glass standard ROADMARKER followed by a model tailored to the needs of motorcyclists: the HRS stud.
Our entire range has been developed in partnership with a number of European technical departments. Our studs have passed a range of optical laboratory tests and – more importantly – 12-month road trials.
Our ROADMARKERs were the first retroreflective road studs to receive CE certification (EN1463 standard, parts 1 & 2, and appendix Z) in December 2006.
Our KERBMARKERS are the only studs made in France to have undergone optical and road testing by the French Ministry of Transport and to have obtained marketing authorisation (product outside the EN1463 standard, resulting in special approval conditions including road testing).
In 2002, Cryzal won the Innovation Award at Intertraffic Amsterdam for our TTS (Télé Traffic System) product with autonomous, lighting ROADMARKERs synchronised by radio using a central, independent marker.
In 2005 Cryzal SAS installed its first 100% French designed and manufactured SIGNALIGHT stud-equipped roundabout, using High Power LED technology.
In 2010, Cryzal SAS launched a brand new LED road stud 100% designed, developed and manufactured in France: the MEGALUX, a road stud for high traffic areas.
Our first landmark project was installing road channelling markings to eliminate the traffic jams that had long plagued drivers crossing the Saint Nazaire Bridge (CG 44) between Trignac and Saint Brevin