This stud has been exclusively designed for kerb installations such as roundabouts, islands, left turns and other bends. This effective, discreet product is perfectly suited to boosting kerb visibility in towns.


Roundabouts Roundabouts
Islands Islands
 Footpaths Footpaths



  • A hole is drilled in the concrete kerb using a diamond core drill (Holotool).
  • The two concentric rings drill an outer ring 52mm in diameter and a internal shoulder 47mm in diameter, on which the stud rests.
  • KERBMARKER is embedded without adhesive.
  • Visible at night and in rain, regardless of vehicle direction.
  • Smooth glass surface repels dirt.


  • Quick and simple to install.
  • No need to stop traffic while installing.
  • No need for power.
  • Omnidirectional retro-reflection.
  • Shape suits all kerb types (max.slope 40°).
  • Tempered glass for a long product life and stable lighting efficiency over time.
  • Different colours available.





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