Case study


Today, most parking spaces and car park entrances are marked with lights but those lights must withstand the stresses of multiple, repeated manoeuvres. This requirement excludes products that are screwed or affixed to the surface as they are too easily torn off.


Retro-reflective products: for use only in low light areas or at night.
Retro-reflective studs meet all the requirements for guide markings in this situation :
• A product embedded directly on the edges of entrances to car parks
• Or a product embedded in the road surface to mark out the lanes

Two products have the required characteristics :

These LED light products are primarily used to guide vehicles and may use colour patterns.
The best stud in this situation is our embedded MEGALUX stud.
It is available in two optical versions:
– road
– surface
The surface version features an entirely frosted lens and an LED board with no collimator. This product lights the entire lens surface approximately 130mm in diameter.



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