SOLAR FLATSTUD is a LED solar stud composed by a resin body. The stud is fixed on the road by sealing with a bi-component cold resin.


Road narrowing Road narrowing
Traffic islands Traffic islands
Dangerous bend Dangerous bend



The main characteristic of this product is its very low protrusion <9 mm with good rolling-over resistance. Therefore it can be placed on the road in towns and it supports speeds until 70 km / h.

  • Available in mono-directional with 2 LEDs or in bi-directional with 2 x 2 LEDs.
  • Available in continuous or flash mode
  • Resistant to traffic
  • Triggered when light levels drops below 200 Lux.
  • Available in white (other colours upon demand)
  • The protruding part: 8.5 mm


  • Quick and simple installation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long product life
  • Autonomous and environmentallyfriendly (Important: Always check there is enough sunshine in the installation region)


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