SOLARLITE is a 5mm LED solar-powered stud in our range of studs designed for roads. It can be used to mark out zones of dense traffic (including on motorways) and lane separations.


Road narrowing Road narrowing
Pedestrian crossings Pedestrian crossings
Dangerous bend Dangerous bend
Roads and motorways Roads and motorways
Wrong way Wrong way
Cycle paths Cycle paths



It has already been in use for several years and has a high customer satisfaction rate. An interesting feature of this stud: it works effectively in all regions of France, even in continuous mode.

  • Available in 2 versions: Mono-directional: 1 LED positioned in one direction / Bi-directional: 2 LEDs positioned in two directions
  • Available in continuous mode
  • Resistant to dense traffic
  • Triggered when light levels drop below about 100 lux
  • Available in white, red, blue, green and amber


  • Quick and simple to install 
  • Visible from afar (> 900m)
  • Autonomous and environmentally-friendly, no power supply required
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long product life
  • Can be installed under traffic
  • Works effectively in continuous mode in all regions of France


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