SIGNALIGHT is a versatile product for optimal safety marking of danger zones (roundabouts, dangerous bends, left turns, covered roadways and tunnels).


Roundabouts Roundabouts
Islands Islands
Motorway Motorway
Dangerous bends Dangerous bends



This omnidirectional wired stud easily adapts to installation on concrete edges and metal or wooden runners. Using High Power LED technology, SIGNALIGHT is a great alternative to traditional lighting. SIGNALIGHT is simple to install thanks to its “vampire connector” technology that requires no junction box, special tool or particular skill.

- LED stud with flash or continuous mode.
- Affixed after core drilling.
- Electronically-enclosed and perfectly waterproof (IP68).
- Wired using a unique vampire connector system, meaning no special tool is required for connection.
- Recommended spacing: - 6m on motorway interchange.
- 3m on roundabout.
- 10m on dangerous bends.



  • 360° effective light.
  • Offers effective safety in the event of an urban lighting outage.
  • Runs on centralised solar power (2 x 20 Wp) when in synchronised flash mode.
  • High Power LED advantages: long life and energy-saving(e.g. Nine 1 watt 100 lumen High Power LEDs produce the same light intensity as one 50 watt halogen bulb).

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