MEGALUX is a light stud with High Power LEDs, which make it visible both day and night. This stud can withstand heavy traffic flow stresses, including those of heavy vehicles.


Dynamic road channelling Dynamic road channelling
Covered roadways & tunnels Covered roadways & tunnels
Pedestrian crossings Pedestrian crossings
Road narrowing Road narrowing
Dangerous BENDS Dangerous BENDS
Wrong way Wrong way
Toll booth lane marking Toll booth lane marking
Cycle paths Cycle paths



  • Option of adapting the High Power LEDs’ light intensity to ambient light levels.
  • Withstands heavy traffic flow stresses.
  • Power supply 12V to 48V.
  • Option of installing markings over large distances.
  • Studs can be delivered with individual connectors (vampire connector for tape cable) or in pre-wired bunches.



  • Excellent performance day and night.
  • Even if current is lost along the line, the light flow is not affected.
  • High Power LED advantages: long life and energy-saving (e.g. Nine 1 watt 100 lumen High Power LEDsproduce the same light intensity as one 50 watt halogen bulb).
  • The wings ensure stabilityand prevent the studs being rotated or depressed. This means the studs remain optimally aligned.
  • Stud IP68 and electronic module IP68 (tested at a depth of 1m in 3% salt water for 3 months)
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