The MEGALUX V2 is the premium model in the MEGALUX range.


Dynamic road channelling Dynamic road channelling
Pedestrian crossings Pedestrian crossings
Dangerous bends Dangerous bends
Roads narrowing Roads narrowing
Toll booth lane marking Toll booth lane marking
Cycle paths Cycle paths
Covered roadways & tunnels Covered roadways & tunnels
Wrong way Wrong way
Roads with snow Roads with snow



This stud showcases Cryzal’s wealth of technical know-how and experience:

  • Better-designed shape to withstand road traffic.
  • Stud volume ensures easy installation and optimised installation costs.
  • Innovative design for improved resistance to light and heavy vehicle traffic, including on motorways.
  • Excellent optical performance thanks to High Power LEDs providing unparalleled lighting, even during the day.
  • Completely watertight stud and electronic module.


  • Option of adapting the High Power LEDs’ light intensity to ambientlight levels.
  • Option of installing markings over large distances (km).
  • Studs can be delivered with individual connectors (vampire connector for tape cable) or in pre-wired bunches.
  • Stud available in STD version or SV version (winter).
  • Power supply 12V to 48V.


  • Excellent performance day and night.
  • Even if current is lost along the line, the light flow is not affected.
  • High Power LED advantages: long life and energy-saving (e.g. Nine 1 watt 100 lumen High Power LEDs produce the same light intensity as one 50 watt halogen bulb).
  • Smaller dimensions for better traffic resistance.
  • Resistance to heavy traffic including heavy vehicles.
  • Standard and SV versions resistant to snow clearing work.
  • SV version resistant to snow ploughs’ steel blades.
  • IP68 stud (4 bars according to Cryzal’s protocol) and IP68 electronic module (tested for 3 months operating

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