MEGALUX SOLAR is a solar-powered stud from the new generation, which is adapted to be installed in roads with heavy traffic. It can be use to equip zones of dense traffic, including motorways and lane separations.


Road narrowing Road narrowing
Pedestrian crossings Pedestrian crossings
Dangerous bend Dangerous bend
Roundabouts Roundabouts
Wrong way Wrong way
Traffic islands Traffic islands



An interesting feature of this stud is the flash mode with a 4 Hz-frequency, which seems to be in syncronized mode. It is the perfect solution for a simple, performing and economic equipment of dangerous spots.

  • Available in 2 versions: Mono-directional: 3 LEDs positioned in one direction / Bi-directional: 2 or 4 LEDs positioned in two directions
  • Available in flash mode with a 4 Hz-frequency, which seems to be synchronized.
  • Resistant to dense traffic
  • Triggered when light levels drop below 200 lux
  • Available in white, red or amber (other colours upon request)
  • Protrusion above the road < 5 mm and installed depth < 52 mm


  • Quick and simple to install
  • Visible from afar (>900 mètres)
  • Autonomours and environmentally-friendly, no power supply required
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long product life
  • Can be installed under traffic
  • Optimal lighting management according to the capacitor charge.
  • In case of maintenance, the electronical module can be replaced, keeping the stud body in place (simple, quick and at a lower cost)
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