LUMICONE is ideal for marking out areas occupied by people working at night (work sites, accident zones or police checkpoints).


Road worker safety Road worker safety
Marking out accidents Marking out accidents
Police operations Police operations



The cone/LUMICONE combination functions as one body and means that habits of use need not be changed: LUMICONEs stack and unstack as usual, with no extra parts required. The LUMICONE module is forcefully inserted in the head of a K5a-type traffic cone. Once installed, this light module automatically turns on in flash mode at night, lighting the entire traffic cone. This makes the cone visible from several hundreds of metres away.


  • LUMICONE has a zamak body with anti-rust coating and 3 attachment feet with harpoons that hook into the cone tip when the module is inserted.
  • Some 13,500 charge/discharge cycles were carried out to check the LUMICONE’s solidity of installation and impact
  • The cone volume remains the same with the LUMICONE module installed, and stacks in the same manner.


  • LUMICONE features a light sensing unit that triggers it at night.
  • The LUMICONE base includes High Power red LEDs that flash at night.
  • LUMICONE also features a set of accumulators that provide around 100 hours of operation between two charge cycles.


  • It is easy to recharge the LUMICONE , thanks to its innovative, patented design: once the cones are stacked, simply place the charger head on the top of the last cone and connect it to the vehicle’s 12 or 24V DC power
  • If the vehicle remains stationary for a prolonged period, the LUMICONEs will not activate but will retain their charge ready for the next use.

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