LUMIBOX is the ideal LED-Module to replace temporary paint marking, which could be difficult to apply on wet roads or specific road surfaces.


Sécurité personnels de chantier Sécurité personnels de chantier



This LED-Module can be placed in the base plate of safety beacon systems, thereby a marking light chain can be reproduce, to better guide drivers through road turnings, road works, etc.

  • The light intensity of the LEDs can be adapted to the environment thanks to a light sensor.
  • 5 LUMIBOX can be connected in a row with a cable, all power supplied by only one external battery.
  • Thanks to an external control box it is possible to switch from external to internal battery, in case the external battery is disconnected or empty.
  • The LED-module has an internal battery, which allows full operating autonomy of the module.


  • Around 70 hours autonomy in a fully charge state (may vary depending on the light intensity).
  • Easy transportation thanks to the practical carrying handle.
  • Excellent visibility by day and night time.
  • The LED-module has a system that smoothest short brightness fluctuations and which is able to adapt itself to the different light conditions.


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