JERSEY SOLAR is a LED solar module developped four the equipement of barriers, which are used for lanes division during road works.


Road narrowing Road narrowing
Road working Road working
Dangerous bend Dangerous bend



This module is very simple to fix, thanks to the aluminum platine adapted to the diameter of the screws over the barrier, or drilling and screwing into concrete barrier, if wished.

  • Available in 2 versions :  
    - Mono-directional: 3 LEDs in one direction
    - Bi-directional: 1 or 2 LEDs in both directions
  • Available in continuous or flash mode
  • Triggered when light levels drop below 200 Lux.
  • Available in white, red and amber (other colours upon demand).


  • Quick and simple to install
  • Visible from afar (>400 mètres)
  • Autonomous and environmentally-friendly, no power supply required
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long product life
  • Composed by a IP67 plastic housing, where an electronic module with LEDs, solar pannels and batteries are placed inside.
  • The electronic module is complete embedded, beeing waterresistant (IP68)
  • In event of damage of the plastic housing, it is easy to be replaced, using the same elecronic module
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